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Super Lady
By: Anonymous Story Submission

Here is very recent story that happened to my friend. I have changed all names to protect peoples privacy. My name is Nora.

My American friend Lisa (who is working in Asia on a 2 year contract) moved to an old black and white house in Singapore(this houses were built by the British). This area were the black and white house is well known by Singaporeans to be haunted and “dirty”. It is located very close to The World Trade Centre. You could give me a lot of money or a rent for free, and I would NOT move there. It is a area that is not densely built and has mostly old house. At night it is poorly lit and really spooky.

But as Lisa is used to living in houses that are far from the neighbors in the USA, and she is not scarred by ghosts, she taught it was a great place. The room she rented had privacy as it has a private entrance and a little patio.

One time our mutual friend Salleh went to visit her (a few weeks after her moving in).They were playing cards together in the room, when he suddenly could hear a women yelling “Tolong..Tolong!!!!” (=help in Malay) outside the house.He did not say anything to her at first, but the next day he asked her if she heard anything. Lisa said, she did not really hear those words, she just heard something, but thought perhaps her landlord had friends over.

When Salleh a few days later came to my and my husbands house he said to my husband “did you see what I saw outside Lisa’s house, when you went to visit her?” ,to which my husband said “yes I did”. When I asked them what they were talking about so cryptically , they replied that there was a tree growing in front of Lisa’s patio, which is famously known to be associated with what they call the super lady ghost.

This ghost has another name in Malay, but they wouldn’t say it aloud, because they believe if you say her name she will appear). Next time Salleh was at Lisa’s place, they sat on the verandah, when the tree they were talking, about started making weird noise like a big animal was in there. Salleh was terrified and refused to even look what was happening. Lisa said it was probably a cat, but Salleh kept changing the topic to something else. One this last May Friday evening(at my house) we were teasing Salleh about his fear and superstition over the super lady. We were recounting ghost stories and trying to get him even more scarred. The worst was Lisa, she was telling him that the Super lady was definitely in love with Salleh, as only he heard/believed this noises was by the supernatural. The very next day Lisa called me, and said: ” that there really is something there in the tree and I know as I heard it last night after leaving your house”. She came home late after leaving my house, and after showering went to sleep at approximately 2am.

Suddenly there is this banging on her window (like tapping long nails really hard against the pane) and when she went to see out of the window who it was, the banging continued, but there was nobody there (And No,there is no branches that could have hit her window). She said, she first turned stone cold, but after a while figured we all had taken a taxi to come and try to scare her. And somehow we were making that sound. So she went to to lay down again (note: she was must doubted it was us, subconsciously, as she never went outside her door to have closer look). A little while later after the banging stopped, she said suddenly this singing started.When she heard the singing, she said that’s when she decided to pray (even if she is atheist), the reason was whoever/whatever sang outside her door, sang alternatively so high and then so low that according to her” no animal or human can make such a sound”( I like to make a comment: Lisa is a trained musician/singer, so I figure she would now if somebody could sing in such a high, then low pitch). The sound stopped at 5am. I have feeling she will be moving out soon, and Salleh does not go there anymore after 11pm. The worst thing is the morning after the signing, she woke up with this white growth in tonsils that felt really uncomfortable. It had to be scraped out, but nothing was wrong under the growth, no redness and no pain. From the most rational human being I know, she has now asked us to find someone who will know how to protect her from this super lady, for the time being. Worst thing is, everyone so far I asked for a opinion says, as soon as they hear the story” Oh it is definitely a P——k,….you know a super lady”. Even my mother-in-law who lived in that area 40 years ago said that area is famous for this kind of things, she said when she was young she heard the Super lady many a times.

I guess Lisa got a really quick introduction to the supernatural in Asia. And personally I think the Super lady is not happy with Lisa’s playing and singing for some reason.

Sometimes hearing is believing.

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