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Saucer Spirit
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This story did not happen to me, it happen to one of my friends whose name is JF. Ever heard about the Saucer Spirit? Yes, it’s almost the same as Oujia Board, only it’s Chinese version. JF was another friend of mine; we became good friends because of our interest in Martial Art. He always likes to come to my house after class, he always like to challenge me to a game of Chinese Chess. I heard about his story during one of our usual Chess Session, it was about his strange encounter about Saucer Spirit with his other group of friends.

They were having a gathering at one of the friend’s house, after having some drinks they were getting boring. One of them suggested that they try Saucer Spirit. The other one heard about a legend that if you play Heavy Metal Music Cassette Tape in reverse direction you will be able to hear the voice of Satan from Hell. They thought it might be a very cool idea to try both at the same time. So one of them went back to his house to get the Saucer Spirit, while the other guy start opening up the Heavy Metal Music Cassette Tape to switch the direction of the tape.

Everything was ready by Midnight, the Hour of Evil. All the six of them, four guys and two girls started their cool little entertainment for that night. None of them believe in the force of Supernatural, I would say that they are ignorance instead of stupid. All of them start putting their fingers on the Saucer Plate; the Satanic Music was playing at the background. They start their charm to summon the so call Saucer Spirit, actually what they are doing is summoning any wandering spirit nearby.

The Saucer starts to move, indicating that their summoning has been answered. So each of them will take turn to ask those unanswered questions which they want to know the answer so badly. They manage to get all their questions answered, from mysteries of their past to the unforeseen of their future. Now they are getting boring of this little game of theirs, but according to the rules they have to send off the Saucer Spirit before they can lift their fingers off the Saucer. They had tried but failed many time, the Spirit seem to enjoy chatting with them, as she has been very lonely for the past few years.

Yes, the Spirit claims to be a female, who had been rape and kill by a sex pervert. Now that she had used her power to help them answer their questions, she wants them to help her take revenge in return. There are no free lunches in this world; you have to pay a price for everything you wish to gain. If their motive was out of curiosity for knowledge, I would have suggested them to do it the hard way, which is to read more books. The Spirit also claimed that she was just floating beside one of the girls, which make the girl scream in fear, lift her finger off the saucer and ran out of the house. Her Boy Friend wanted to go after her, but he could not gather his courage, so he starts cursing the Spirit in vulgar language.

Maybe their ignorance was a bliss; maybe it was their blessing in disguise. The other girl parent who were sleeping inside the bedroom heard the scream and shouting in the living room and came outside to check what happen. Her mother quickly light some joss sticks and make some offering to plead the Spirit to let them go. The Saucer move back to the starting point at the center of the board, and all of them were relieve that they can finally lift their finger off the saucer.

The story didn’t end here; the girl who ran away was dead inside the school female toilet. Witness claim that she ran out of the cubicle screaming in fear saying that there is a ghost inside, she slip and fall hitting her head against the washing basin. Her Boy friend was admitted into the Wood Bridge Hospital one week later; he kept saying that two female ghosts haunted him every night. Of course, nobody will believe him except all those who are present that night and been through what have seem impossible to them.

Ignorance may be a bliss, but not every body will be that lucky every time. So if you have the curiosity for knowledge, I would suggest that you go and read up more books, or even better if you surf the Internet. Since now the technology have been so advance to provide you with so much excess of knowledge and information at your fingertip. The Sea of Knowledge is Vast; there is no Limit to ones Learning. Better to speak up your Doubt and be a Fool for a day, than to remain silence and be a Fool forever.

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