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My First Encounter
By: Anonymous Story Submission

I was introduced by a friend to this site due to my interest to know more about the third dimension. I am someone who tend to have weird, gruesome or ‘spiritual’ dreams or sort, which i just cannot figure out what they interpret. After navigating through the pictures and stories… I feel that I should contribute my story which freshly lingers on in my mind til today.

I am chinese and have this good buddy who is a muslim. I often hear stories about his encounters while he is out riding or at camp, and it’s very frightening so I am convinced that he can ‘see’ things. Once we were hanging out (the usual) and he was telling me how beautiful and serene Labrador Park is, especially the jetty out at sea. I am a freak for the beach, the stars and the sound of waves crashing, etc. So i suggested paying a virgin visit out of curiousity. It was a Wednesday night and i didn’t know what was expecting us there…

We rode there on his scrambler (new expensive bike) and upon reaching, he took out his spanner and removed the starter which was often stolen (third time that month). Soon after, we started walking down the cemented narrow road surrounded by a stretch of trees on both sides. A pleasing sight welcomed us. The view was amazing. We reached the jetty in no time and sat at one end of the jetty as we spotted a few couples at the other end. We made merry with our occassional jokes, stories and had a pal-to-pal talk.

Time flies and it was exactly 3am. At that ungodly hour, there was no one in sight. The winds got stronger and I felt a need to visit the toilet so we got up to leave. As we were strolling, we spotted a toilet ahead. I changed my mind once I saw how deserted it was. Suddenly, my buddy started walking very near to me knocking his elbow against mine as we were walking past the toilet. He is the one nearest to it and trust me… he is not the touchy type. I felt weird and kept asking him what is wrong. He started walking faster. I was oblivious to it because ‘seeing ghosts’ was something which will hardly cross my mind. In other words, I was a dumb dumb.

As we reached the slope (narrow road), at the pace we were walking, I was feeling tired. Voicing out, I started to hear noises. It was difficult to describe how the ‘horning’ noice (like that of a toad maybe) was getting distant and nearer every minute. Stupid me even asked my buddy if he heard that sound. He immediately turned around and from his eyes, I know something is behind us. He calmly asked me not to turn around several times. THAT made me freak out even more. I was obedient this time. I started singing. Soon, i was clinging my arms around his. Both of us were so scared inside.

On reaching his bike, i folded his bike shelter canvas while he was fixing up his starter. His eyes were darting all over the place and his hands shaking (that made it even worse-slower). I was prompting him to hurry up. The courageous me started gaining enough courage to look down the slope. I didnt notice anything. I hopped on his bike as soon as it was ready. My buddy asked me not to look back and sped off with our hearts beating fast.

Upon reaching my void deck, he told me what he saw. He said that while we were walking past the toilet, he noticed an old lady in the tradional Malay clothing squatting beside the toilet with the forest behind her. She was looking down onto the ground. As she was beginning to look up to stare at my friend or us… that was when my friend quicken his footsteps and got nearer to me. He was trying very hard to be calm because it was too near for comfort. Most of all… he didn’t want to see her face or eyes. And when he turned around upon hearing the sound, he saw the old lady following, approximately 5 metres behind us. And when we reached the bike, while i was peeking down the lane, he saw the old lady flashed past us and was standing behind me looking at him.

My hair stood on ALL ends. I gave him as lashing when he told me that at Labrador Park, pontianaks are rumoured to be stalking there and especially on a Thursday, their ‘presence’ is extremely strong (the belief of muslims). I left my night lamp on the whole morning that day and was told to wash my feet once i reached my home. That is why this ritual stayed till this day each time i reach home.

That was my first and last trip there. My advice to timid people if you really have to go there… go there before it strikes midnight and NOT on a thrusday morning.

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