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My Encounter
By: Anonymous Story Submission

The happened last year when i was in Secondary 1. Ever since i was 9 i was somewhat called the gifted on because i can hear lost souls whenever i go to the columbarium the cemetery. But i cannot see. I can only hear. And basically since then a lot of these lost souls have been coming to me seeking help for them to crossover to the other side. But when i entered Secondary school my life had changed…

It was the last day of my examination and i stayed back in my classroom to do my duty. Just then my friend, Sayu* came running to me. She looked horrified and her face was a pale as a sheet of paper. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “I went to the third floor girls toilet at the D n T block and i felt a presence. My hair stood up. Something is not right.” She told me frantically. Just then two of her other friends came running. They both looked as pale as my Sayu. “Please Miko**. You’ve gotta help us. We think that the toilet at the D n T block is haunted.” Chieko* said in the same frightened tone as Sayu. “Yeah! Maybe it’s haunted by a little boy and a lady with long black hair who comes looking for him because it’s her son!” Suna* said. “Suna you watch too much horror movies.” I said. “Alright I’ll see what i can do.” I said.

I told my friends to go home as i didn’t want any interference. They readily agreed and went home immediately. I ran all the way to the D n T block girls toilet at the 3rd floor alone. I entered the toilet quietly. All the lights and the fans were off. I quietly and carefully put my bag on the floor next to the sink and walked to the middle of the toilet. Then i heard a muffled crying sound. My hair immediately stood up. I then dug into my pocket and i found my talisman given to me by a shinto priest from Japan. Just then the crying stopped.

I nearly got i heart attack when i looked up. I saw a girl with long black hair and a white dress sitting on the toilet seat. Her stomach was bleeding and it looked as if she was carrying a baby in her arms. I took 2 steps back and rubbed my eyes. She looked at me and smiled. “You can see me?” She asked. i nodded. “Thank you lord! I have been waiting for 10 years for someone who can see me!” She exclaimed. I gulped.

I fell silent for a while, then i finally got the courage to speak. “Why are you here?” I asked. “I have been waiting for years for someone who can finally see me to help me crossover!” She exclaimed. She stood up and floated towards me! I tell you i was frozen shock on the spot. “Do not be afraid. I’m not here for revenge or anything. I just want you to pray for me and my baby.” She said. I nodded. “ok.” I replied. ” I must know what happened to you first.” I said. She smiled. “A few weeks before my O Level exams 10 years ago, i made a stupid mistake i could never forget. I had sex with my boyfriend. Thinking that he had used a condom i agreed to have sex with him. But then a few weeks later i found out that i was pregnant. I told my boyfriend but then he broke up with me and went for my best friend. I was heartbroken but i knew i had to get over this and pass my O Levels. But then the stress was too much for me and my baby so i decided to end my life. I died in an instant on this very spot with my baby.” I said. “You have my word. I will pray for you once i get home.” I said. “My name is Mayu* and me and my baby are very grateful.” She said. With those words she disappeared. I took my school bag and immediately ran home and prayed for her with my family.

Then later that night, i felt a presence again. I sat up from bed. It was Mayu. But she was wearing a new and clean white gown and so was her baby. “Me and Emily are so very grateful for what you have done for us!” She cried. I smiled. “Emily?” I asked. “Oh that’s the name i gave my daughter. I named it after you.” She replied. I smiled. “If I am not wrong you are from an NT stream and you want to go to a NA stream right?” She asked. I nodded. “And you want to be a student councilor right?” She asked. I nodded. “How do you know?” i asked. “Oh there are a lot of thing i know about you Emily.” She replied. “Thank you.” She replied. I smiled. “Anytime.” I replied. “Oh and Emily, you must be careful. Someone is watching you.” She warned and after that she disappeared.

Since that day i never forgot her words. But who was watching me? That was what i would like to find out.

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