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Kampong Glam
By: Anonymous Story Submission

Its far too scary when recalling this place kampong galm which is located neat bugis MRT. This field trip was part of our school camp`s event. So we guys went there with no ideas what we are doing over there etc. . . Upon reaching that place two coach started approaching us and they gave us a briefing on what will we be doing tonight. . . it was 7pm tt night and they are bringing us to haunted places to seek ghost in Kampong Galm.. Kampong galm was one place that is very haunted and evil as they claim.. the coach started bringing us to the mosque at there and she claim that the mosque seems to be haunted as stories had been heard that during friday prayers.. if te muslim did not concentrate on the prayers.. there is one ghost roaming around the mosque watching them.. if one never pay full concentration on the prayers .

the ghost will appear right infront of him n gave him a lecture and now the ghost is still roaming around. . . . then she started bring us to a perfume shop and let us have a smell of all types of perfume DIY by the ppl at there.. and the last perfume she claim that everyone by hook or by crook also must smell this perfume which is carry by the pontinak presence sometimes can be detected by a nice floral fragrance of the `kemboja` (a type of flower) and we guys smell it and remember it to heart.. it was 8:30pm she brought us to a street which is so quiet and eerie and she claim that after 7pm all the shops on Kampunng Galm will be shut down, and she say that the street which she brought us too is damn haunted and nobody will walk pass this street after 7pm as they are many unsolving cases happening.. and she told us the story of y it is haunted.. there is one beautiful lady working in the cafeteria in the past . . . and there`s an old ugly look man having a crush on her but he did not reveal his love for her.

until one day he pick up his courage and started express his love to her.. however the beautiful lady did not appreaciate it and comment on him that he was so ugly look hu will want a husband like him.. tt old man was very dejected and he went for a drink.. in the late midnight he was very drunk .. out of control he went back home which is on that street he started taking a chopper from his house and started to approach the beautiful lady which is on the next street… tt old man started chopping off those passerby`s head when he is approaching to the lady`s cafeteria.. without a sec when the old man saw the lady he chop off her head and the stories goes on… many incident happen at that street should u walk pass after 7pm. . . this story gave us a shock of our life and we began to proceed to the next journey~ which is a tombstomb maker building.. and the coach claim that there is one chinese tombstone maker here and he is the one making tombstone for the muslim and he had die inside the house and seems that his spirit is still inside the house and he is still leaving his contact no.

which is a sign board outside of the building.. then the coach told us that there is one time when she bring a group of students for this journey.. one of the students feel curious abt the contact no. and he started dialing the no. and the no. was connected!! and he could hear the tombstone maker voice and talking to him and the tombstone maker claim that yea he had pass away but his spirit is still roaming inside the house..and the student got a fright out of it. however the building is demolish recently.. on the next journey she brought us to many places like the SUltan palace which is haunted and the back alley which is complete darkness~! due to time constraint i will skip that.. and the last trip was the most frightening i ever had in my life… the coach brought us to a muslim cemetry!! the path was so dark and errie and all of us hold on hand tight and begin walk into the cemetry..~ she began to use torch light shining on the tombstone and tell us about the story on how they die etc~ none of us can pay fully attention on her ghost story at there because it was too dark and errie and we are looking around to see if there`s any ghost . . . . she started to bring us back and we gave a sign of relief~ but it was a no no. . . on the way back she told us to go over to tt big tree and she claim that there is one pontinak which is very evil and is roaming on this big tree~ she told us to look above but no one dares as this journey on coincidence fall on the thursday night~ ~ claims that thursday night is where the ghost spirit always roaming around… suddenly my friend hold my hand damn tight i can`t even breath and i dunno what`s happening ~ and within a second THERE!

i smell the floral fragrance which we have smell at the perfume shoP~~ it show the prescence of the pontinak and its is excatly the same scent we have smell~ and i began to hold my friend tightly… the scent was so strong under the tree and we knew that the pontinak is roaming around us or even behind or back!! and the coach say that should we smell it we should not shout out n say tt POntinak is present~ as the pontianak will start following us home!! however one of the student say that “pontinak is around” and we hit the nail~ the coach started bring us back and gave everyone a red string to tie around our fingers to prevent the pontinak from following us~ and then we set back to our bus and went back to school.. however the story did not end on mi just like tt . . during the bus journey mi n one of my friend still can smell the Floral fragrance and we started panicking abt it!! the fragrance were still very strong between us~ and we knew that the pontianak must have followed us back in the bus~ my friends and i started saying our prayers in our mind soon when we reach the school the fragrance smell is totally gone.. we gave a sign of relief~!~ but it still does traumatized us . . . . the next day the camp`s it over and everyone went back to have a gd sleep.. but not for me.. on tt night at home i was feeling so tired and i wanted to sleep early which is aroud 9pm so i started slping on my bed.. however the pontinak ghost suddenly flash onto my mind~ i was abit frighten by tt thing we met onto .. so i wanted to wake up to switch on the lights on my room and i will sleep with the light open~ however i tried to get up but i could`nt it seems like someone is pressing onto mi~ and i can`t even open my eyes!! i couln`t control myself so i just left myself on my bed with something pressing on me and i sleep till the next day n everything is alright the next day..~ on the next day when i went to sch my friend approach me n claim that he can feel ghost pressing oh him on tt night! i was shock!! cos i got the same incident too! and it was both of us who were the one still able to sense the smell of the floral fragrance in the bus . . .! its seems like we both got a play by the pontinak~ however on the following days nothing happen to us~ thanks God~!

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