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Haunted In Tanjong Pagar
By: Anonymous Story Submission

This happened in the early 80`s when I was working in an office in Tanjong Pagar somewhere opposite Mosses Lim`s Bridal shop. I will not mention the unit number, because this unit is still there under conservation. Every time I go to a restaurant in Tanjong Pagar for dinner, I will not fail to take a walk and see who the new tenant is. (It seems to change very often)

Well here it goes – In the late 70`s and early 80`s this unit was used as an office and leased out to two tenants – a travel agency and a construction company. The travel agency was using the front half of the unit whilst the later used the back half. I was then an employee in the construction company.

When I first joined the company, I was always amazed to see the girls going to the toilet in two`s and never alone. When asked, the girls at the travel counter told me that the unit was haunted. A girl by the name of Jenny who was the bosses daughter experienced it.

It was about 9pm and she was in the back portion of the unit after my office where the toilet was washing up her cup preparing to go home with her sister-in-law (Chris); when she saw an image of her sister-in-law darting pass through the mirror. Thinking that Chris was looking for her, she asked what it was for when she came out. Chris denied going to the back and told her that she was not the only one with that experience. After that, they offered some joss-sticks and left.

The second incident happened to myself. It was lunch time and I was the only one left in my office. The rest have taken the opportunity to go to the temple. The phone rang and as I answered and spoke on the phone, I heard the parallel extension being lifted and hang-up. After the call, I went out to see if my colleagues were back, but there was no one there and the remaining girl at the travel counter told me none of them had returned yet. I simply shrug it off as I did not want to scare myself with it any further.

Some time later on a Sunday, another one of the girls from the travel counter (she was new and I shall call her Alice) experienced or rather SAW something. It was around 4pm and they were having an early dinner break before the rush hour. As she was eating, she saw from the corner of her eye that there was someone standing at the entrance to my office area and upon closer look realised that there was only a pair of legs with no upper body. Not surprisingly she just stared and gestured towards the place with shock. Jenny who was eating with her guessed that something was not right although she could not see what and rushed to open the main tinted glass door to let in the sun. The appearation apparently disappeared at that point. Alice then discribbed what she saw and again they offered joss-sticks to pray.

Not long after that the travel company moved and we were the only ones left there.

Then on Christmas Eve of the same year, I received a call from the family living above my unit. He told me that he could smell something burning from downstairs (my office). I told him to go downstairs, lift up the roller shutter and take a look. He did and told me that it was on fire. Immediately, I called my boss and we rushed down to the office. Upon reaching, we saw that there was no fire or any sign of a fire. So we asked the mother of the guy that called me what it was all about. At that time, the guy came down and his his face was as white as sheet. He describbed that he saw some fire sparks (ghostly fire) flying about when he lifted the shutters.

Soon after, we too moved. Not because of the hauntings but because the authorities wanted to take over for conservation.

During the 2-3 years that I was working thereAI was asked a number of times by the people from the neighbouring shops which unit I was working in. When told, the address they would all go “ho yai ke, le em kang ah!”(this meant-it is so scary, aren`t you afraid-in cantonese”). The guy who called on Christmas eve who happened to live in the unit just above my office all his life told me about the history of that place.

Apparently, a girl committed suicide by hanging herself when she was jilted and haunted the place. She was wearing a blue flowery samfu when she died. This explained why the girls always saw a fleeting image of blue with flowers and the pair of legs too.

After that, her family moved and the place was converted to a gambling den of sort. A man was killed when a fight broke out. Gamblers sometimes saw a puddle of blood where the man was killed and after that, it was taken over by our landlord who converted it into an office.

This story is true, as I write the memories came back and I felt shivers running down my spine. If any of my ex-colleagues happen to chance upon this story. Please let me know.

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